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Gauge one laser cut sydney trains

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Laser cut sydney trains single deck electric rolling stock or red rattlers in gauge one im building at moment
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How do I go about posting pictures
They need to be downloaded from a host server such as Photobucket,

then click on the "Direct" (under the title "share links", upper right hand side on photobucket) which will give you an address to put in the URL, as requested on this site,

Use the "insert image" button which is above the writing field when you are doing a message on this site.

Paste the address in, with the highlighted in blue "http//" deleted.

something like this: (img][/img)
will be inserted in your message

and you're set to go
QUOTE How do I go about posting pictures

Follow the link in my signature.

If you display/view the picture at your site [ I have my own webpage ] you can hi-light and copy the URL [ ctrl+C ] and while the http is blue just paste your URL over it [ CTRL+V ] The picture will be positioned in the message wherever your mouse has last positioned the 'whatsitcalled' thingie.

A question Tod ... Is somebody selling the lazer-cut kits or are you using the process yourself?... I have a number of lazer-cut kits from IP Engineering for my coaches[ carraiges ] makes life quite easier I guess, though never tried any other way
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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