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I have just purchased the gaugemaster prodigy advance system and would like to know if others have experience of it such as any pro's and con's of the operating and running.


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Hi there I bought a MK 1 version of this last week. I went to Gaugemaster and watch the demo track in use. Bought the prodigy unit and 2 decoders (the mini ones) and points decoder. Went back home removed the suppressor and fitted the decoders to my new Hornby Mallard and Castle. Rigged up a prog track and coded the Castle. All appeared fine. Removed Castle from the track and whenthere was nothing on the track heard a loud crack and the system shut down. Found the separate Powre supply had fused. tried one form my PC Scanner and the hand set and the base unit were OK.
Took it all back the next day and they instantly replaced the set up. I also took the two engines and they checked them out for me. there was problem with the wiring in the Castle but the Mallard was fine.
I stripped down the Castle completely and rewired it from the pick ups to the decoder socket and from the decoder socket to the motor terminals. Put it on the prog track and it's now operating correctly. Found that the original pick up wire to DCC had been trapped under the skt board and was broken.
There isn't much space inside a Castle or Mallard and the small chips are the best fit.

I have not yet got round to putting ACCELL and DECEL values in as my system is at present, get it out and run it and put away as space is not available for a detailed layout. That will come when I move hopefully in the next few weeks/months. If no movement in sale of house will set up one at present home.

the staff at GaugeMaster are great and extremely enthusiastic, nothing was too much bother for them

They carry a full range of Dapol plastic kits which were the Airfix ones from the 50s. I found the ones I had then were still produced.
I am also going to chip to 1950s Triang X04 motored tank engine, after first fitting new magnets to the motors. theserun OK but have been stored since 1959.


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Hi, I've had mine for nearly 2 years and am very pleased with it. I have 20+ locos chipped mainly with TCS T1's as they are O gauge, I have some of the old lima locos with cheap macoders (lenz 1000's) and they are now controlable, I have also used some of the gaugemaster standard chips but not very impressed with the running, good but not as good as the TCS. The only problem I've had is with lenz golds, burnt three out and waiting for the third to be replaced by Mackay's, they have all b een OK on default 3 but just went up in smoke after changing the loco address (Three different locos so not a loco fault) unpluged the gold put in a TCS and no problems to date. Most of the locos are scratch or kit built so have hardwired chips, have had to cut plugs of some chips, TCS come without as standard if you want them.

Hope to get the wireless unit when its available for the UK, do not like to risk the US version in case it interfears with other peoples electrical systems or controls!


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Hi, have had a Prodigy for over 2 years only fault to date rotary control in hand unit was replaced at 18 months quickly and foc by gaugemaster

back up sevice has been first class, has worked ok with 4 makes of decoder Lenz, Bachmann, ZTC AND Gaugemaster 28 in total.

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QUOTE (Forevagrey @ 2 May 2008, 07:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>IM intrested in one of these to replace my zeypher as that cant program tcs for some reason:mad:

We've sold quite a few of these & only had a problem with one (which was returned to Gaugemaster by the customer & they had it back in less than a week). It's a nice fully featured unit & the only real drawback with it is the lack of computer interface.

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QUOTE (Forevagrey @ 2 May 2008, 14:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>IM intrested in one of these to replace my zeypher as that cant program tcs for some reason:mad:

so has anybody had any programming issues with one of these or other problems????

But... a zephyr can programme TCS just fine - I have many clients using this combination that do it almost daily and when I'm out of NCE PowerCabs I occasionally use one myself at my desk to programme TCS equipped loco's.

Never an issue in 5 or more years - always works first time!

What problems are you having?

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