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Hi, I've had mine for nearly 2 years and am very pleased with it. I have 20+ locos chipped mainly with TCS T1's as they are O gauge, I have some of the old lima locos with cheap macoders (lenz 1000's) and they are now controlable, I have also used some of the gaugemaster standard chips but not very impressed with the running, good but not as good as the TCS. The only problem I've had is with lenz golds, burnt three out and waiting for the third to be replaced by Mackay's, they have all b een OK on default 3 but just went up in smoke after changing the loco address (Three different locos so not a loco fault) unpluged the gold put in a TCS and no problems to date. Most of the locos are scratch or kit built so have hardwired chips, have had to cut plugs of some chips, TCS come without as standard if you want them.

Hope to get the wireless unit when its available for the UK, do not like to risk the US version in case it interfears with other peoples electrical systems or controls!


mike g
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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