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QUOTE (Sidney Sidings @ 18 Dec 2006, 22:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>No this was not a six pin inline socket, but what I remember a unique plug and socket, a bit like a smaller version of one you would find on automotive electrics, so there was no way could we could just plug in another make of decoder.

I just cannot believe that Hornby has been so arrogant, or are they just being stupid over all this. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone on the forum about this statement but I feel some things have to be said. I think they need to get their house in order pretty quick, and by having someone keep on making up excuses and now empty threats over litigation, I fear is not going to endear too many people on this forum to Hornby's system.


Aren't the Bachmann dcc equiped loco's also hard wired to the cct board? Saves cost on manufacture to produce the chip as part of the board, just remove the whole lot and add another chip as normal. The models in the sets aren't the latest detailed offering's anyway and the market they are aimed at; I wouldn't think many would even think about replacing the chips.

I think Hornby have got it about right with the cost of the sets against the functionality. How many of us would be shouting down Hornby for releasing a £300 set with all knobs and whistles, instead of £150.

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