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gaugemaster prodigy and hornby decoders

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has any one tried to program hornby decoder with gaugemaster ?
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QUOTE (Gary @ 13 Dec 2006, 10:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>There is a reply on the Hornby forum which states that a Hornby decoder has been programmed using a Gaugemaster Prodigy unit with the loco on the track (direct mode programming?). The author of the reply states that it is his experience that you must not programme the Hornby decoder on the programme track setting of the Gaugemaster Prodigy as this appears to have damaged his Hornby decoders. He has not stated what damage has occured so this is a little unclear.

Happy modelling

That's strange - most DCC controllers output to a dedicated programming track is limited compared to the running tracks. I have never come accross this before with many makes of decoders.

Be interesting to know the outcome of this one.
Here we go, yet again or rather out comes Gary Hornby-Warley as soon as anyone dares to critisise his beloved Hornby.

There are three relevent words here ;

Conforms : "Complies with accepted standards".

Compatable : "Able to exist together".

Complient : "To act in accordance with rules".

Quotes taken from Collins English Dictionary.

The Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance (AKA MRC) conforms to NMRA standards according to their website (18/12/2006).

The Hornby DCC is designed to be NMRA compatable according to their website (18/12/2006).

Neither of these products seems to have a NMRA Warrant - which means that they have been submitted to the NMRA for complience testing & found to conform, according to the NMRA website (18/12/2006).
Many other manufactures (including Lenz who are of course the founders of DCC as we know it today) do have Warrants issued. The NMRA have been responsible for ensuring that DCC is pretty much "standard" worldwide & personally I'm glad that they have !

This is just one of the reasons that various manufacturers have submitted their products to the NMRA - it means that (provided the Warrant is issued) that A will work with B & C & D & so on. Bear in mind though that the NMRA requirements are not exhaustive.

So, this "fault" may really not lie with either manufacturer, neither claim to be complient with NMRA, just look at the actual wording used by them & draw you own conclusions !
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Gary - you are so predictable & still do not read a post correctly and as per usual rarely directly answer POV's and/or comments if it doesn't suit. My last post did not criticise any manufacturer - I just stated facts as I found them from the internet !

So it is OK to criticise Hornby is it? Its fair game?
It's fair "game" to criticise any manufacturer if justified.

Lets all have a Hornby bashing session at Model Rail Forum.
Your suggestion - what round are we in ?

Lets all be members of a destructive website.
Your suggestion again - why don't you start one then ?

Lets all be negative.
Your suggestion again !

It totally pathetic.
So why do you keep coming back again & again ? You could of course just leave it be & it will die a natural death.

It seems impossible for some members here to accept that Hornby have come up with a good value low cost budget system which by the nature of the base product will have a limited specification. Even though the Select and Hornby decoders have a limited specification it is absolutely right on the mark for most UK train set modellers looking to spend around £50 on a console and £8 for decoders. The Elite has yet to be made available for sale and this is the console designed for the serious digital user and even this is good value.
I have never ever criticised the Hornby "low cost budget systems" for what they are (in fact I had a play with the Select long before you had even seen one !) - so who are these "some members" who "cannot accept what Hornby have come up with" ? Certainly not me so either name them or shut up.
I am one of the first to admit that for the money it's a good value system & will be more than ample for much of Hornby's market. I look forward to the release of the Elite & sincerely hope that it is a "good un". In fact, during the next 12 months are so will be building another DCC HO exhibition layout (the existing one uses Fleischmann Twin Centres) & I have a completly open mind about which DCC controller to use - who knows - it may just be the Elite !

Get real folks. Hornby Digital (and Bachmann Digital come to that) is here to stay.
Who said they aint ? - again name names or shut up.

If there are any issues lets offer help and not have a campaign of unfounded Hornby bashing which doesn't do anything for anybody.
The only "campaign of unfounded Hornby bashing" is purely a figurement of your imagination. As regards help I have personally offered a new member here telephone help as he is a "newbie" to DCC & has an issue with a 73 & with three different decoders (H, B & L).

dbclass50 fails to make the point that there are fewer products with warrants than without (in fact not many at all including Bachmann and Digitrax products) and so his remarks are designed to bend the truth.
I could have made many, many other points but tried to stick with the relevant facts to this thread - maybe I should try to cloud future issues with reams of facts & figures then !

Now can we get back to the subject at hand and commit to no further unfounded Hornby bashing please which puts the whole forum at risk.
Some time ago, on another thread I suggested that we kept quiet until we had more information which we all managed to do. All that has happened here is the emergence of a few facts & some discussion on compatability issues.

Maybe we can have a Flame Pit & move some of the threads to it !
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QUOTE (Sidney Sidings @ 18 Dec 2006, 17:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>and guess what? Hornby have used a non-standard plug on these locos so we couldn't.

Just another example of Hornbys non compatibility this is not libellous this a FACT!


Interesting - is the plug/socket a 6-pin one with the pins in line ?

If so it may be like the N-Gauge one used by others - it is also used (annoyingly) by Fleischmann in some of their HO locomotives.

Special note for GARY - there we are - I've thrown a critical comment about Fleischmann !
QUOTE (Gary @ 19 Dec 2006, 08:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>There seems to be an industry wide issue here with too much reliance on the internet and not enough reliance on providing a good, clear, simple manual designed to educate rather than make assumptions that the user already understands the concepts.

For once Gary I actually agree with you - I would even take it a step further & suggest that all manuals are in A4 format - we could then either copy them or laminate them or scan them or file them. Often I have copied manuals & sent by fax or snailmail to people who have lost theirs. Bigger text would help as well - it's bad enough having to stuggle with magnifiers & such without having to stuggle with small print.

Another point - when I started in DCC I found things very heavy going to understand - I did not get the chance to see in person someone else using DCC, but I persisted & one day several pennies dropped at once.

So, yes better manuals all round please !
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