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Recently, on MRE Mag, a contributor asked:

"My question is - does Hornby have the NMRA Conformance Warranty?"

Hornby replied:

"Not at this time, the term of 'work with any Command Station' is very wide. Our decoder's functions are addressable warranted NMRA Command Stations. We have many customers using other manufacturers Control Equipment. Lenz, etc."

So they admit that their decoder doe not have NMRA conformance. Perhaps it will one day - with or without some tweaks, who knows. There have been some modifications to the decoder since it's initial release to the press (see my review). Perhaps releasing it to the public is a good way to find all the other bugs. Fix them, then go for NMRA compliance.

I have used the decoder with my Lenz system with mixed success, but without any full NMRA compliance/conformity, who can say if it will work with other DCC systems?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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