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Gaugemaster are to sell and distribute a Gaugemaster-branded version of the MRC PRODIGY ADVANCE DCC system. MRC are based in New Jersey, USA.

The Gaugemaster PRODIGY ADVANCE will be launched at their open weekend on the 3rd and 4th of September. Click here for details.

Prodigy Advance comes with LCD readout, with features:

* Easy identification - 2 or 4 digit addressing (0-9999 addresses available)
* Realistic - 14-28/128 speed steps and fast clock with adjustable ratios
* Great for big club layouts - Run up to 99 throttles using plug'n play technology
* Convenience - Program on the main or the program track without affecting active locos
* Popular - Capable of 20 accessory functions, so it can handle Broadway Limited® and other multi-function sound systems
* Adaptable - Designed to be easily upgradeable to any future NMRA protocols
* Responsive - Quick LCD readout on the value of each decoder
* Also features universal and advanced consisting and ability to program all CVs with ease

In the US, the MSRP is $329.98 (£183.20) It can be found for $100 cheaper at around £128 for the set. It will be interesting to see what it retails for in the UK with the Gaugemaster branding.

Prodigy Advance comes complete with handheld, base unit and power supply.


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Updated information is now on the Gaugemaster site here.

They say:QUOTE After two years of careful research and consideration, GAUGEMASTER have chosen and developed the DCC system to best suit the needs of the UK modeller. PRODIGY ADVANCE is one of the most straight-forward DCC packages on the market today.And:QUOTE We've been making controllers for over 25 years - PRODIGY ADVANCE is our most exciting development yet. Call us now for more information.No mention of MRC. Anyway it seems to be a good product and more DCC product ranges in Europe is a good thing. Looking forward to 2006 to see what is in store for us DCC fans

RRP Prices:
DCC_1 Prodigy Advance Package £225.00
DCC_2 Walkaround Controller Only £79.00
DCC_3 Decoder (OO/HO) £18.95
DCC_4 Small Decoder (OO/HO/N) £22.95
DCC_5 Auto Reverse Module £28.95
DCC_6 Accessory Decoder £38.95
DCC_7 Extension Plate £24.95
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