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G'dday from Downunder.

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Hi all

My name is Matt. I'm a 41 year old from the sunny climes of Australia.

My modelling interest mostly lie in LMS about 1940/1950 period But I have recently become interested in collecting Tri-ang trains thanks to a fellow member of the model railway club I belong to.

I hope to make some interesting aquaintences and gain much useful information from this site as it is quite hard for me to gain information from the real thing any other way.
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Hi Matt, nice to see another Aussie.

This site is good for info on British models, I hope you enjoy it here.

There is plenty on the net to help those of us down under, you'd be suprised what can be found!
Sorry - no time for model railways at the moment as too busy watching England piling on the runs against Australia in the Ashes.

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Thanks for the messages .

Lisa, Which part of this big brown land are you from?

Bob, I don't really follow the cricket that much. Waste of time watching the Aussies show the poms how to win!
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Sunny Queensland.

I model the S&DJR, and also collect Triang!
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