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General Discourse on Pricing

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Those prices send out entirely the wrong message.

That railway modelling is a rich mans hobby.

Is there any news at all from the continental toy fair that suggests that railway modelling is a hobby for the masses?

Unfortuneately I doubt it.

This is the area where the continent appears to be totally out of step with the UK (and the USA?). However for nearly all wanabees thinking about the hobby it is a most significant consideration.

Until the continent stop producing models at fantasy prices then there will be little to interest UK modellers.

Maybe this is why the UK hobby market is enjoying relative success.

Happy modelling

This post refers to some new product pricing from the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

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I must be most unfortunate in living in the North, swap meet - haggle a price for any item new or second hand and the stall holder will look away until such times as you remove yourself. Before anyone comments on the North, several stalls are manned by people from the midlands (they can argue of high coats in travelling).
I have been in several local and (easy travel distance) model shops, price shown and usually RRP is price you pay (argument: low profit margin or/and over heads being high).

In areas of a high population and demands equally high for railway models, the turn over will justify a reduction in prices.
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Years ago, in the mid 1950s the UK workforce lost all their pride in producing a well made product. The unions caused unrest and strife in the work force. As I well remember, not a week went by, when a work force went on strike for a rise in the pay packet - and from then on the wage rocketed to its present rate.
It is little wonder as to why China and other Asian countries now benefit and rejoice at the UK work force now producing next to nothing - even banking and call centers are now drifting to Asian countries.
If given the chance at this late date, models being made in the UK would be of higher quality than at present - .
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When the smoking ban becomes law in public places. Regards to model railway exhibitions, will this apply to model locomotives that belches out smoke, using smoke oil?
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Before Christmas 2005, I bought a Heljan c33 diesel from Rails of Sheffield for £61.50 a discounted price to the RRP. I noticed today the identical c33 is now offered at £58.00.

The rivet counters brigade, certainly will cry out the reason for the dropped price "roof not correct" - is this the modern way to reduce prices by giving a new model the poorest review possible.
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I perused Rails of Sheffield c35 Hymek Heljan and note that the price today is £59.50 and only 3 in stock. Hornby c35 Hymek £45.50. Unable to find a Hymek at £39.50 but accept to be proved wrong.
Rails stocks are very low, as most marked "Forth coming releases" or "on order".
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