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General Discourse on Pricing

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Those prices send out entirely the wrong message.

That railway modelling is a rich mans hobby.

Is there any news at all from the continental toy fair that suggests that railway modelling is a hobby for the masses?

Unfortuneately I doubt it.

This is the area where the continent appears to be totally out of step with the UK (and the USA?). However for nearly all wanabees thinking about the hobby it is a most significant consideration.

Until the continent stop producing models at fantasy prices then there will be little to interest UK modellers.

Maybe this is why the UK hobby market is enjoying relative success.

Happy modelling

This post refers to some new product pricing from the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

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The thread on prices is interesting and one only has to look at the ads in the model press. The vast majority are almost the same. Jennings sell at RRP and this is reflected in the old stock that they carry. If you want something so badly after the vast majority of retailers have sold their's then Jennings is the place to look if you don't mind paying full RRP.
A couple of years ago I was slow on the take up for Bachmann's 37 "Loch Rannoch" A scottish retailer had "reserved" one for a customer but didn't know if he still wanted it. He said he would get back to me as to whether I could have it after he had spoken to the other chap. I can't remember the exact price but say it was advertised at £45. He didn't come back to me for a few days and I managed to get one elsewhere. When he did get back to me he said I could have it for £59. I challenged him over the price, only to be told if I wanted it that was the price. I had the pleasure of telling him I had managed to get one elsewhere and wasn't prepared to pay the inflated price. His ads are less in mags now and smaller. I wonder if his business is suffering? There are other retailers who put the price up from previously advertised when stock gets low. I think if you want something these days "Buy now while stocks last"
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Whilst we are talking railways as I have been told many times when Rover cars were brought into the equation, I must say that Rover made a big mistake with the City Rover. I am a staunch Rover fan and had the misfortune to be given one of these Indian made heaps as a service car whilst my V6 45 was being serviced. It averaged 8mpg and was full of faults. An absolute load of junk. I can see the concern over products from China, and can only say that the company my wife works for buys thousands of parts from China. Many make their products unreliable. We will have to see re model railways what happens. I have had 2 faulty Chinese made items up to now. That said I was buying lots so from my point of view at present I think we may be OK.
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