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QUOTE (Madkitten @ 29 Aug 2008, 16:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hiya,

Can anyone out there help me ? Im looking for pictures / drawings of German BR50 steam engines as they were during the second world war, Especially the armoured ones , the ones with the extra bits added to the sides / wheels. Also i would like to know what the colour schemes were as i believe they were all painted in camoflage colours .....................

Thanks in advance !

Hi Nikki!

Very select few class 50s were armoured, and next to none had been camouflaged. Unlike the classes 42 and 52, they were not intended to serve in the line of duty, and thus mainly used in Germany and in occupied territory where fighting had ceased - their main quality was the efficiency alongside the comparatively low weight.

The 50s were black and red, whereas some 50ÜKs were painted in tank grey. However, due to wartime neglect, these engine appeared very dirty, matte dark gray stained with oil and grub, which in black and white pics has a "camouflagueish" look. The ÜKs had provisions against hard frost, which may appear as armor, but isn´t.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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