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It wasn't my intention to say anything about this at the moment.
But, I have always admired this superb piece of machinery and I was doing a little research into its background, mainly out of personal curiosity regarding it's power and performance, when I came across this amusing anecdote.
QUOTE "A testament to the durability of the GG1 is the time span over which they ran the mainlines for the Pennsy, Penn Central, Conrail, Amtrak and New Jersey Transit - almost 50 years!!! If longevity doesn't impress you, how about this. In 1953, GG1 #4876 crashed into the main waiting area of Washington's Union Station (air brake failure), then plunged through the floor into the basement. The engine, at that time approaching 20 years of service, was cut into three pieces and shipped to the PRR shops at Altoona, Pennsylvania, where the engine was put back together. It continued in operation until 1983!"
That's an 80 foot long, 15 feet high, 230 ton locomotive.
Impressive or what!

More at The Collectors Association

I am hoping Dennis will tell us about his Arnold version one of these days.

Here's an HO model,
A die cast body, already fully digitally fitted, including sound, at $250, say £150 - that seems like real value for money to me.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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