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Well hello everyone, I found my way here from another forum,and what a real find your forum is.
I think I'll certainly enjoy it. So thanks on my part to those who make it happen! Well done!
As for me ,I work in the outback mostly in the enegy sector.I do that for a few months a year and when in Brisbane drive a cab one or two nights a week.
I have been out of the hobby for 20 years,but have all ways known that it was just a matter of time before getting back into it.Last year or so have been trying too figure out what I wanted to get out of the worlds greatest hobby.
Bought the Australian magazine,the American mags,then back to the English magazines which I used to read avidly,what happened to Model Railway Constructor I wonder.
So any way what I wanted was a single track branch line ,a couple of stations with a passing loop or two and on a multi level to save space.
Started with Marklin and see no reason to change! From what I've been reading, Marklin with the Uhlenbrock control system seem to complement each other.I'm certainly into computer control.
My other interest in the minaturbahn is the construction of the scenary.
I hope the end result is sitting down with a stubbie,watching the loks go by.........

Once again great forum, see ya later alligator.

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Welcome on board Rowan. You should find plenty here to keep you interested.

QUOTE I hope the end result is sitting down with a stubbie,watching the loks go by.........

I think thats the aim we all have is to get to the point where we can sit back with a beer and let it happen.

It just takes a bit longer than we thought.....

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QUOTE (CeeDeeI @ 23 Apr 2006, 16:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>A very warm welcome to you Rowan.
I wonder why I haven't got a little spot for my location here in Spain?

That data was only for the last 24 hours...

Here is the same map for the last couple of weeks. Are you there

Here is a close-up of Europe:

And here is a close-up of Australia:

The dots represent 1 to 10 connections from the same service providor POP. They are not as you can see, geographically 100% accurate, but give a general idea where people are that connect to the Forum over about a week.

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That top one seems to have a member floating in the ocean off the coast of Latin America!! could be one of those Cuban boat people gone astray?
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