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Glacier Express

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Glacier Express Video

I'm considering travelling on the Glacier Express in February. Has anybody taken the trip and and can give me some recommendations?
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Nice videos - I wish I had kept my German in working condition though - it's pretty well disappeared!

I have thought about it a few times, a holiday based on the Glacier Express spaced over a number of days and staying one or two days here and there along the route. But it's quite expensive for two or more. I had never thought of doing it in winter though. Absolutely everything pure white, could be a little boring after a while! Summer would be BEAUTIFUL though. Actually I'm quite surprised it runs in winter given the Swiss weather and their habit of dismantling the odd bridge to avoid destruction by avalanche!
Dennis - you're a menace!

All this chat about The Glacier Express plus, now,
Julian's Alpine Rail Topic
in the N Gauge/009 section.
This has me all stirred up and is now driving me completely crazy checking out the feasibility of a Swiss trip in July!

Thank God, the travel agents don't charge for THEIR cataloges in the same way as the model manufacturers! (How's that for a sly dig, eh!)

I've been at it most of the weekend and it looks like the rest of the week will absorb most of my attention - and my rocky, but unfortunately not mountainous, bank balance too!
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I am getting slower!
Took me ages to get back to this one.
Thanks for the great photos, Dennis - it looks absolutely wonderful and so vividly illustrates the emotion behind the now unforgettable phrase ,

"Switzerland - a giant toy train set!"

Particularly photo #7 (from the top).
All those amazing exhibition class models that most of us have seen, if only in magazines, and #7 looks just like one of them, but it's REAL!

I HAVE to go there again.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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