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Gladiator B16/1 A North Eastern Workhorse

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The next build to cross my workbench is another one that's not for me but for the same Gent that I built the G5 for last year. This one is a finish it off build of a Gladiator B16/1

This is where I am starting from.

The main body work and the basic chassis are built. The chassis is to be rigid and pick up is to be by the American method.

The kit contains lots of lovely brass castings

Plus some nice whitemetal ones too.

I have the week off and I will be at home the week after Easter so I plan to make a start on this then. Any spare time on between after finishing of the V4 brake van will be spent blackening wheels and preparing the castings etc.
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In between popping along to Keighley show where I had a great time chatting to many people I have made much progress on the B16.

Unless something else jumps out at me while working on the chassis, the body is finished. Now it's onto the electrics plus the final details on the chassis. At this rate I may have to change plans and take it for a run on the test track at Shildon On Saturday afternoon.

While studying the one photo that I have of 61450, I noted that I had missed an oiler on the right rear splasher. I had made it but can't recall why I didn't fit it when I fitted the others but it's corrected now.

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QUOTE (LTSR @ 9 Oct 2017, 16:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Almost a shame to paint it.

Funny you should say that, my good lady made exactly the same comment a couple of days ago.

That said I won't be painting it. Once finished it's going to Warren Haywood for him to work his magic on it.
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After my mistake with the wheels on Saturday, I sorted them out and with the weather being not too bad we cleaned up part of the circuit on the garden line and gave it a try.

Sadly, the rigid chassis doesn't take well to my less than generous curves but it is alive and now just needs final detailing.

Chris also took a few photos of it in the sunshine. Just a few more details to add before it goes of to Warren for painting.

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The last few days working on the B16 have been spent on making up the rather prominent cylinder crain cocks and their operating mechanism from the ends of JLRT coach vacuum or some such pipes of which I had four in my spares box and scrap etch. I also made up and fitted the rear sand pipes.

Tonight I reassembled it and took the following photos before dropping it off at Warren's for painting.

Plus a few arty shots to finish

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