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El cheapo Viaduct

Part 1 the frame work

I built a 19 arch viaduct on my last layout. My method was very primative but effective.
I ripped some 12mm super wood for the the track bed. I used fairly thin pine sections for the legs or vertical sections of the viaduct. I again used super wood for the base. I cut very small rebates in the top and bottom
sections to accept the verticals, which were then screwed and glued into postion.

Part 2 the covering

I had some Langley viaduct sections, these I painted and scanned. I bought some sandwich board from an art shop, this is cardborad with a polysyrene section in it. I then cut out the scanned artwork and glued it to the sandwich board using carpenter glue. When I had enough arches I then used a sculple and cut out my art work for the viaduct. The wood work was with sprayed grey primer. Once dry the artwork was glued to the wood work, and from the angle it was positioned I suprised to find that the lack of fill behind the arches wasn't noticable so I just left it as it was, and with very little cost or effort I had a viaduct of impressive proportions.

1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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