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Glen Finnan Viaduct

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I am seeking to recreate Glen Finnan Viaduct on my new layout (which is still in the planning stage) and, while there are many bridge kits available out there, I am wondering if any of these bridge kits curve or are they all straight?
Pretty much every kit I have seen seems to offer a straightline bridge and I was hoping if anyone had seen such an item if they could let me know who makes it. Or alternatively a kit that could be easily converted to a large radius 3 ft curve or some top tips on the best way to do this would be great.

I am not optomistic and am already thinking I may have to scratch build this.

This is what I aim to recreate.

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Some really good ideas coming out here.
I made a viaduct which was about 41/2 feet long, so perhaps a little smaller than you're thinking of!
My construction technique was to use 2mm MDF for the sides and inner faces of the arches as it curves nicely and can be partly cut through on the reverse side to further improve curvature. The sides and track bed were all braced by using soft wood internal braces. Such as 2" x 1" or 3" x 1" timber. Once the basic shape was contoured the while thing was covered in Superquick brick paper, as this was what I had to hand at the time. The bridge looked great when viewed from a distance. Brick paper is ok, but a better effect can be obtained by using embossed card (Cardboard or Platicard) which would improve the look at close quarters. Alternatively, the sides etc can be covered in fine modelling clay (Das for example) available from most Art shops and while its still damp carved into a stone block effect with the aid of a pointed tool (Ground down old screwdriver for example).
If you choose to use MDF I would recommend coating the base model with varnish all over to protect the MDF from any ingress of damp which could 'blow out' the MDF sheets. MDF is readily available form most good DIY stores.
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