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Glen Finnan Viaduct

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I am seeking to recreate Glen Finnan Viaduct on my new layout (which is still in the planning stage) and, while there are many bridge kits available out there, I am wondering if any of these bridge kits curve or are they all straight?
Pretty much every kit I have seen seems to offer a straightline bridge and I was hoping if anyone had seen such an item if they could let me know who makes it. Or alternatively a kit that could be easily converted to a large radius 3 ft curve or some top tips on the best way to do this would be great.

I am not optomistic and am already thinking I may have to scratch build this.

This is what I aim to recreate.

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Hi Colombo,
you make it sound so easy! I'm really tempted to have a go. I have been purchasing a lot of skaledale stuff recently since I like the durability (and looks good), but I would love to have a go at this to create multiple archways etc. I'm particularily impressed by the pictures in your link which you posted a while back of your station terminus. The pillars and roof arches look very impressive. Did you also make moulds for these? How did you go about creating moulds for the pillars and manage to get uniform smoothness etc. Did you make them in half sections?
Is there a particular type of latex you use to create the moulds that is readily available?
I hadn't really considered it before, but with information like like, I think it would be good to have it all grouped under a new 'model builders' heading for quick reference. I'd love to see some photos of the mould making process..just to clarify use of Lego etc..!
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