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The answer is yes.

British Trix collectors are small in number (200 or so according to the ones I have met with), know each other, and tend to hang onto things. Very few mint British Trix items come to the market these days but when they do 200 British Trix collectors pounce!

A near mint to mint one realised £350 + 20% premium (£420 total paid by bidder) at Vectis in 2006. A fair to good one realised £90. As always condition is everything. Wo betide the eBay seller if they are telling porkies about the condition!

Happy modelling

PS just had a sneek peek at the items and they are nice. I've got some Triang coaches in electric blue that will go very nicely with these little numbers. Maybe I should contact the buyer afterwards.

PPS for a £500 item you would have thought that the seller could have afforded the fees for supersize pictures!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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