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Good Day All

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Good day all

My name is Nick and I live in Wokingham in Berkshire, UK.
I do not have a layout, lack of room, but I do dream of building a OO gauge representation of Kings Cross.

I know that it is a little ambitious so I may start with the small corner known as Kings Cross Loco. I have a couple of Bachmann Deltics tucked away soon to be joined by a couple of Hornby 31's. A number of Bachmann? 47's, and the odd heritage DMU later should start me on my way.

Too many childhood days spent at the end of Platform 10, I must have KX grime in my blood.

Cheers for now

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Hi there Nick. Welcome to the forums. Kings Cross eh? That's some ambition you have there.
A lot of track in a small area, agreed but quite compact for the number of train movements.

And I love pointwork.
Welcome Nick!

QUOTE And I love pointwork.

You must go for Peco then, not Hornby
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Who makes a Scissors Crossing with LH an RH entry points but twin double slips on exit.

or do I get my razer saw out
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If its intricate pointwork you want then check out the penultimate picture on the exhibition pictures on this group of pics!!!
If you ask peco nicely i'm sure they'll knock you a set up.
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Cheers Spongebob

If you mean the picture 49 (Paul Bigland)
That has to be "The Throat"

Great picture
QUOTE Doug or Dennis
Doug maybe but moi?
If I kept track of all the stuff I do wrong I'd have to ban myself.
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