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QUOTE (Kauri @ 5 Jul 2008, 11:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>New to this so a little apprehensive. At the moment I am trying to build a mobile layout, having acquired bits and pieces over the years at last I have the time to start. However I have hit upon a problem. I wish to install a Brawa level crossing kit Item No HO1194. on the layout only that I removed the instruction sheet from the box when I got it first, and now of course now I cannot find it. Would anyone have any idea as to where I might be able to pick one up?

Have a look on the web. There are many good sites for downloading technical sheets.

or wikipedia where you will sometimes get links

or 'Google' (new verb to the language)


Good luck


welcome to te forum
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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