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Good evening folks

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Good evening,
I registered this morning but only came accross this part this evening.

My name is Kyle, live in East midlands, have an interest obviousally in model railways, though I am not all that fussed about the real railways, as I like to run models in 00 rather than "Spot" the real ones you could say, though I know roughly what runs where apart from south of Leicester.

I only have an interest in 00 Scale model railways, I was given an Eurostar train set about 10 years ago which I still have today which I can't sadly run because the centre couple for the coaches is broken, though the power car could do with a service as it is very loud with the motor.

Earlier this year, I went on a trip to Carlisle via rail for the first time to spot Stobart Trucks as thats part of my other hobby. I had to change at Crewe. (this is just a couple of weeks after the Pendolino derailment occured, had been cleaned up and line open again). When the announcement came that "Pendolino service" was going to be my train, my immediate thoughts were "oh great". I wasn't looking forward to it though I enjoyed the experience, and have since been up there a few times.

After a couple of times of going up and down the country, I came accross a model dealer website who deal in model trucks, busses and trains. Under "New Stock" section, I saw Hornby's Pendolino Set, so I had a look, description said the model actually tilts. I did not believe it, so after a few weeks of thinking about buying one I bought a DCC Fitted Set with the Select controler etc included. I really was impressed with the set, and about 2 months on I bought a second set for a much cheaper price, which was also very good, though dummy car derails on second radius curves, so trying to remember which one is which was hard so I renamed and renumbered one of them and added extra detailing to one of them such as quite coach logos on the windows and the "1" for first class logo on the sides etc.

It then occured to me, rather than getting the track out and building the oval with sidings etc, why not build a layout? So I am building one in the loft, which I am at present still doing, as I am giving the loft a complete overhaul before I do anything, floor boards etc, then I will construct the base boards etc.

The layout I aim to build will have 3 different circuits / layouts in 1.

2 will be Digital, 1 will be analogue to run old stuff like my old Eurostar when serviced.

The analogue will be a stright through single line with 1 siding to store a second loco and coaches etc, but this will be very basic as I prefer DCC.

the 2 DCC layouts will be in a 2 level layout, say 3 inches above main board, one of which will come onto both levels so it appears one level then goes into a tunnel and comes out on the top level, which will be interesting to build as I have my doubts about getting the graident right and how I will be getting the graident correct and the curves etc. Any ideas?

I hope this introduction of my self is sufficent?

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Hi Kyle,

Welcome to the forum - any questions then just ask away.

We nice if you keep us posted on your progress & even better to see some pics.
Welcome to the forum Kyle,

Just jump in with both feet and your eyes closed and it will be fairly painless!

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