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QUOTE (pepe007 @ 14 Jan 2008, 11:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>hi all,

does anyone know where i could get some good looking trees, i have seen some but they look like they would be better for my sons thomas the tank layout.

many thanks

Hi Pepe,
Have you thought of making your own trees with armatures covered in Woodland Scenics materials ? not only will it save you money but your son could help create part of his layout.
One stockist of Woodland Scenics in the U.K. i found is .......
Go to the all scales section there and follow to Woodland Scenic foliage a bag of it will be more than suffice for your needs and be useful around the layout.
The Woodland Scenics site ......
has "how to" tutorial vids using their products, a trip to the local park will supply the armatures for the trees twigs work ok covered or just go for the winter bare look.
Hope this helps.

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