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I have one of the Hornby Class 73's which as all know has this new motor. No matter how much weight I stuck in it di not seem to make much difference. A chap on the Hornby forum said he asked for and received replacement wheels with traction tyres. So I did the same and within a week have received and just fitted them. The result is vastly improved hauling power.
So I appreciate this fast service from Hornby and I think it's important to say so.
It seems to me (without restarting a traction tyre debate) that unless a loco has an encased central motor traction tyres become inevitable. I think Hornby's error in this case was in trying too hard to accommodate a segment of our hobby (still trying to be diplomatic!).
Of course none of this is a problem for our Continental friends.
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I have a class 73 Hornby & also found it was lacking in pulling power - just 3 coaches on the flat.
Increased weight in & around the motor bogie & in the middle by another 70grams ( 2.5 oz) & now it takes 5 coaches up a 1:60 gradient with no hesitation.
Rubber tyres are not on my list of improvements.
Gary, while Hornby has some 'Good service' points for some problems, fixing a major problem of haulage by fitting traction tyres is to me a backward step.
I only hope that the catalogues/ web pages will specify which locos are fitted with traction tyres & type of motor so that discerning modellers can make up their mind if they want one of these types of locos.
I am glad I already have the Hornby GWR Railcar & Class 73 before they fitted tyres otherwise I would not have purchased them. I fixed my Class 73 haulage problem with some extra weight over the motor bogie.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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