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As SRman so ably described above.....simply use card to raise the ground surface easy and cheap way is to utilise an old cardboard box [with the corrugated card].... lay a large sheet over your goods yard area....[remove stock, buildings and personnel first]......then using a digital rubber [finger in oldspeak] rub the area where the rails are located, creating an impression on the underside of the cardboard.

then cut the card,following the marks, but just inside them....accuracy is unimportant....which will give you a set of wibbly templates.....glue these down in the ground areas between the sidings.

this should bring the ground surface up to at least the sleeper tops, if not the rails themselves.

then either use thin card, again marking out as above, but cut to fit the outsides of the rail edges, glued over the box card.

OR....mix up some repair plaster like Polyfilla or even fill the gaps up to the rail edges..paint or surface texture to suit.

thin card between the rail heads is ok.....

If you REALLY want to go posh...use some of those nice, embossed cards/plastic sheets, to represent cobbles.

always try a wagon over the track, to ensure clearance for wheel flanges.

either way, a lot easier than hiring a router to cut out a wide groove for your track to sit in....?

best idea is to obtain a photo of a real goods yard, in the timeframe of your choice.....ignore the main subject, and look closely at the track and ground.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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