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This Google Earth Beta (see below about downloading) has had the Internet community buzzing for a while. It is fantastic to check out where you live, to check out airports, harbours, military installations and relating to railways, railway installations and even trains and rolling stock.

I think that this is a great resource for those that are looking for ideas for layout projects.

Not the whole of the planet is available, but I am sure more areas will come online.

You can find out more about Google Earth here. Download it and see for yourself what it has to offer (Requires Windows WP or 2000).

Once you have downloaded Google Earth, you can click on the kmz links under the photos below to 'fly' to the places shown in the photos. Then you can zoom in even more.

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

View attachment Buckinghamshire_railway_centre.kmz

Congleton viaduct

View attachment Congleton_viaduct.kmz
This is what it looks like from the side;

Bury steam loco on the East Lancashire Railway

View attachment Bury_steam.kmz


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Here are some more:

A bend in the line in Buckinghamshire. The satelite image gives clues to a previous line going off to the west. Looks like a great walk along the old line.

View attachment Railway_junction.kmz

Waterloo station

View attachment Waterloo_station.kmz

Channel tunnel terminal at Folkestone

View attachment Channel_tunnel_terminal.kmz


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For those overseas visitors who are wondering what that object is to the north of Waterloo station it is The London Eye. If this interesting feature was modelled in OO/HO scale on a layout it would be some 5ft (1.5m) high!

My PC does not comply with the spec for the Google Earth software but there are references to an ability to view the 3D images from a number of angles not just from directly overhead. Is it possible to zoom in to an image as this feature would be very useful indeed.

Happy modelling
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Funny I should find this post tonight.

My wife has just loaded Google earth onto our system and was showing me our home tonight. I could even tell that we were home by the fact that our car was in the driveway!

Having just had a look at the pictures in this post, I realised that I can now get a feel for how certain lines may have looked in the area and era that I model. (LMS 1940/1950)

This could be very usefull as it is near impossible for me to jump in the car and drive to these sites without taking a year off work! (I live in Australia)
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Amazing i've found this thread buried in the old stuff, downloaded it and found out that I was at work at the time the photo was taken and assuming they mapped all of Yorkshire together it must've been on a tuesday 'cos i can make out the wheelie bins at the roadside outside my house. Also over 2 years old 'cos its my old car and theres been a lot of building work near where i work.
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