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Gotthard route

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While making my daily visit to I found this featurette on the Gotthard route:-

The swissinfo site has done other railway related features in the past which may well be archived on the site. If you are interested in Swiss railways or just Switzerland it's worth a look.

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I was on the train two weeks ago through Switzerland coming back from the Nürnberg toy fair. The steep inclines, cuttings, tunnels and the picturesque winter landscape. What a fantastic season to travel by train.

I'm sure Dennis will have more to add on this subject.
After the Toy Fair in Nuremberg I took the train to Switzerland, stopping in St Gallen before proceeding to St Moritz. From there I caught the Glacier Express to Zermatt. I had driven through Switzerland going from Lucerne to Brugge in Belgium and did not actually go through the Swiss Alps. Crossing mostly flat brown crountryside I thought to myself what was so special about Switzerland. This trip I was on just showed me what I had missed.

I'll post more pictures this weekend.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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