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I am new to modelling and would like some advice concerning the gradient of slopes. My loco's will be diesels freight and passenger using 00 scale I was told to use 1:30 Could I have some feedbacks from you guys please.



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It depends on what you are asking.

If you mean is that slope realistic then the answer is no. On the real thing even a slope of 1 in 100 was VERY steep. There were a few examples of steeper slopes but they were rare and trains needed help from additional engines to get up them.

If you mean will your engines be able to go up that sort of slope and more importantly pull a train then possibly. It depends on what length of train you have in mind. Also are you talking about a slope on a straight length of track or round a curve? Curved slopes should be more gentle than straight ones.

Personally I would try to keep to 1 in 50 maximum. You can halve a necessary slope by taking one track down as another goes up in some circumstances.

Hope that helps. Cheers, Robert.

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Whatever gradiant you settle for try & get as smooth a transition from level to gradiant as you can - doing so will help the locomotives adhesion & will help with the visual aspect - it will also help disguise the severity of the gradiant.

Avoid any curves in the gradiant as well, if possible. Curves will add to the load on the locomotives. Also make sure that you rolling stock is indeed rolling freely.
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