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Graham Farish 2006

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Class 08 Diesel Shunter D3032 BR Green

Graham Farish have announced their new N gauge range for 2006 and highlights include new Class 3MT locomotives, Class 04 Diesels, Class 150 DMU's, Stanier coaches, 100 Tonne GLW HHA bogie hopper wagons and Seacow wagons:-

Class 150/2 DMU 2 Car Arriva Trains Wales/Trenau Arriva Cymru

Class 04 Diesel Shunter D2258 BR Blue

Click here to see the complete list of new Graham Farish models.

Happy modelling
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There is an 08 in the Farish announcements, but I wonder if it's going to get outside framing like the picture (obviously Bachmann 00-gauge)
or if it's going to be an colour-variation on the old model

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I would agree that it is a Bachmann Class 08 OO gauge picture as the track is a giveaway however it is the official image used for the Graham Farish news announcement.

Looking at the list it does seem that whatever Bachmann do in OO gauge they are also going to do over time in N gauge. So future new models from Graham Farish may well follow a predictable path.

Clearly if its bigger brother is a good seller than why not repeat that success within N gauge modelling.

Happy modelling
What are bachmann upto announcing stuff that dapol already announced can they think of their own models to produce ? Announcement off Dapol also today:

Following today's announcement by Messrs Graham Farish that they intend to release several of the N gauge models that we had already publicly announced that we were intending to produce in 2006 and 2007 viz.: LMS Stanier Coaches : Class 150 Sprinter : Class 03/04 Shunter : 40t Seacow wagon, we have decided NOT to proceed with these models. We will instead direct our attentions to our range of new models already under production - and some already under production but not yet announced.
Well I must admit that if I was an N gauge modeller I would not be too happy at this turn of events. Clearly Dapol are not overjoyed if they feel the need to go public on this so quickly and they may not make news so readily available in the future. It would be a pity if this was the case but understandable.

One model you can forgive but four...

I wonder what the modelling press will make of this?

Really its up to the customers of Dapol and Graham Farish to make their feelings known on this subject.

However thats another topic for discussion so lets get back to Graham Farish and their new range.

Happy modelling
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It does seem to be that any of the brand new models for 2005, they seem to appear in 2006 as N guage versions.

Does this mean come 2007 we can expect the Class 108's, 9F;s and Fairburns in N?
BachFarish may have announced these models, however they announced stuff for 2005 which has still to appear.
When Dapol announce a date for release they usually stick to it or even improve on the schedule. They obviously have more control over things than BachFarish.
If they can switch their production round in answer to BachFarish's "challenge" then from my point of view it can only be better for UK N gauge hopefully less (or no) duplication and a greater range to choose from; I just hope it results in the Dapol Maunsell stock coming sooner plus any other SR stock from either manufacturer, like a T9, 700, N15 King Arthur, Nelson, Schools ...........................
Cheers MIKE
QUOTE (mdjr78 @ 25 Jan 2006, 18:00)There is an 08 in the Farish announcements, but I wonder if it's going to get outside framing like the picture (obviously Bachmann 00-gauge)
or if it's going to be an colour-variation on the old model
I've posted this question to Bachmann and unfortunatelly this is the answer:

QUOTE Many thanks for your email regarding the Graham Farish 08 Diesel Shunter.

The model in the catalogue is a OO gauge model to illustrate the livery. Unfortunately due to a printing error this was not clarified in the catalogue.

I trust this clears up any misunderstanding.

Dennis Lovett
Public Relations Manager

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46245 ain't 'City of Leeds'.......

Robt P.
On farishes website it gives dates for the peaks i think theyre supposed to be released in April/May i was wondering has anyone seen any painted versions as the only photos i have seen is an unpainted class 44 ??
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