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Graham Farish Coaches

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I've got a fair amount of rolling stock with mainly Minitrix coaches but some Farish. I have ewf problems with the Minitrix items but there are frequent derailments with the Farish ones over Peco points. I'm sure that I can't be alone in this - what is the answer? Do I have to re-wheel the Farish coaches and if so what with? is there a simpler, cheaper answer?
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*** A couple of possibilities:

1/ Back-to-back may be different.
Very carefully measure the distance between the backs of the wheels on the Minitirx coaches and then compare with the farish - make the farish the same as the Minitirix. (remove the wheelset, gently "pull-twist" the wheel to adjust them

2/ Weight:
Make sure the weight is about the same - adding a little weight to the light farish coaches may help

3/ free pivoting of bogies - make sure the bogies are free enough to pivot easily but not sloppy...

If it continues experiment on one problem point by glueing a bit of thin styrene inside the check rails to narrow the gap and do a better job of "checking" the wheels. When its glued in, feather the ends to match the check rail/keep it smooth - this will keep the wheels from "picking the point" of the frog...


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Are these the older Farish coaches before the Bachmann take-over (distinguished by silver wheels)? If so it may be worth substituting the new blackened wheels which are a much finer profile. I have had no problems with these over either Peco 55 or 80 points.
I also run Minitrix with Farish coaches they don't look great together the main problem being the Farish coaches are a bit higher . Is there a way of lowering them ? ( I'm pretty new to modelling )
Hi stagnes2 / ianico,

Welcome to the forum

I dont run British stuff but one way could be to remove the bolster pin on the Minitrix coaches if possible and place a shim between the bogie and chassis underside and refit the bolster pin to raise the minitrix coach to come inline with the Farish type ....... i use motor shims for some of my coaches to align the coupling heights.
If you do it this way its easy to remove the shim in the future if you want to.

These shims in the link below are in the States but most good radio control model shops should stock them.
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I suggest you watch very carefully and closely as you run the trains slowly over the points to ascertain exactly what is causing the de-railments. Then knowing what the cause is we'll be able to give you some ideas of how to rectify the problem.

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