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*** A couple of possibilities:

1/ Back-to-back may be different.
Very carefully measure the distance between the backs of the wheels on the Minitirx coaches and then compare with the farish - make the farish the same as the Minitirix. (remove the wheelset, gently "pull-twist" the wheel to adjust them

2/ Weight:
Make sure the weight is about the same - adding a little weight to the light farish coaches may help

3/ free pivoting of bogies - make sure the bogies are free enough to pivot easily but not sloppy...

If it continues experiment on one problem point by glueing a bit of thin styrene inside the check rails to narrow the gap and do a better job of "checking" the wheels. When its glued in, feather the ends to match the check rail/keep it smooth - this will keep the wheels from "picking the point" of the frog...


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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