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Just when I decide to off load the remainder of my Graham Farish stock, there appears to be a lull in the market....well for some diesels anyway.

I've watched some equivalent items to mine, all brand new, over several weeks. I must say I was astonished to see the poor prices realised

Brand new class 20's, 56's, 57's going for £30-35! What an absolute bargain, compared to retailers.

Class 08 shunters seem to be doing a bit better, so will probably list my 2.

Can't believe I payed >£50 for my other stuff

Ahh well, what goes round, come round....recently sold an average condition OO Lima class 50 in NSE livery for £54!

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Based on the prices I have seen recently at proper auctions (Bonhams. Southerby's, Christies, etc) there is definitely not a lull in the market. The issue is there is simply too much stuff for sale on Ebay and not enough buyers to go around. Try selling your stuff through a proper auctioneer. You will be surprised how much it will realise.

The only issue is the auctioneer wants 20% of what you realise!

Happy modelling
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