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Could it be the Hornby have been working on a new HST for sometime and are preparing the release of one next year?

On that basis it does not make sense to re engineer the LIMA one this year which is why the old Hornby one has reappeared! As a cover Hornby tell us the LIMA tool is imperfect. Strange how they only found that out when they came to use it. When buying assets of a company- you typically document them and appraise their condition on purchase.

Given that Hornby have gone to some lengths to model the various front ends of a 56 , I don't think the provision of more than one type of HST power car will be a problem ie one with buffers.

Could it also be that Hornby will launch a DCC sound system at the same time to further co-erce people into their Digital system? HST perfect model to do this with.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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