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Grange Halt

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yes, FINALLY, we have now completed our move to Somerset and after 3 months I have completed all the jobs about the house and can start to get the workshop ready to lay some track. 2 pictures to get you started, the workshop is 15 x 7 and needs to be insulated, I should start that this week. I'm not sure how often I will get to post progress pictures but I shall try to keep up to date.

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I have just been reading about all the work you have done. Impressive but i will admit all the incline and radius technical stuff is well over my head.
But then i have not got into my layout yet. Still trying to absorb information i am amazed at how much detail people put into there layouts i will have to be careful not to put to much track down. and make it all to untidy some times it it best less is more if you know what i mean i am not to good at that.
I am just into the nostalgia of the old Triang era i suppose it comes from when i was a kid.
I bumped into a chap the other day who was a kid with me we were neighbours and in the school holidays my dad gave up the garden shed for the railway.
He used to come over and we spent hours in there, I hadn't seen him for 50years and we got chatting and he brought up the fun we had in that shed amazing after all those years.
I follow your progress with interest andy
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