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Greetings all

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My Name is Ewen Crosweller, 66 years young, and, for my sins, an EM modeller in Esher.
Main interests are N.E.R. and L.S.W.R./Southern South Western section.
My less salubrious habits include loco, stock and track construction, and I enjoy demonstrating my lack of talent in public. Just a glutton for punishment I suppose!
Affiliations are EMGS, South Western Circle an Twickenham & Dist MRC.

If anyone would like to get hGreetings allold of me (in the nicest possible way, just use the following link.
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Hi Ewen and welcome.

Looks like you plan for an active retirement!

Hi Ewen and welcome to the Forum.

I'm not quite an NER modeller basing my modelling towards the southern end of that company's network (Leeds) but I look forward to hearing about your progress. I'd be interested to hear about your exploits in EM gauge too.

Hi Ewan
Hi Ewen and welcome to the MRF.

Sounds as though you might have some interesting projects to share with us. Look forward to seeing some of your work.
Thank you all for your welcome, I see my email link failed :
but never mind. Present projects are EM models (kits) of NER "o " class
0 4 4 tank and SR Maunsell S15 in BR black, plus some 00 pointwork for a club layout.
Being a bit of a technophobe I wiil upload some pictures as soon as I find out How!
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QUOTE I wiil upload some pictures as soon as I find out How!

See this topic for instructions on posting images - link

Please note the comment on image width contained in the first post of that topic.

Welcome to the MRF Ewen.

Kind regards

Hello again,
I'm still trying to learn how to use the software for my new camera, so images wo'nt come yet.
If anybody is interested, I shall be on the EM Gauge stand at Ally Pally this Sunday.
Always ready for a good natter.

Ewen C
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QUOTE EM Gauge stand at Ally Pally this Sunday.

Err, you do mean Sunday week the 29th and not this coming Sunday the 22nd

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Sorry David, Yes Ido mean the 29th.

QUOTE Ido mean the 29th.

Phew; I thought I'd got my weekends mixed up and I don't want to miss the show. Not sure which day we're going yet.

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