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I've only recently discovered this forum although i am an active member on 2 other railway modelling forums

My name is Edwin Fitchett and I live in stamford in south lincolnshire. I have really only taken the hobby up in the last 12 months although i have always been interested in railways and used to be a keen trainspotter in the 70's until my student days early 80's hence my modelling area which I am trying to get going on is the banger blue era. My current project is a small shunting layout although progress is very slow as I run a business which is open 365 days a year and work an average 80 hours a week often more hence am often too tired to do much !

I model in oo guage with dcc control I have one tubbyduff fitted with an SWD sound chip and when I get round to it have a lighting kit for a bachy tractor. My aim with any layout I build is for it to be possible to cover a reasonable age range of stock ideally covering 1968 through to sectorisation. I am a member of DEMU
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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