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QUOTE (Vollblut @ 8 Nov 2008, 16:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Can I use my old 30 VA blue Märklin transformer with the red knob? I'm still buying tracks for the layout, but hope to have a room-sized oval together soon. Also, it has a built in smoke generator and sound, but I have no idea how these work.

Hi and Welcome,
I also have a bunch of Marklin Scale 1 stuff, nice to see someone around with similar models.
If it has a built in smoke and sound generator than it must be the a new digital model. Unfortunately or not, Marklin does not use DCC, it has its own Motorola or MFX protocol. So most DCC units will not work with Marklin. If you buy a non-Marklin controller, make sure that is supports Motorola (I think EcOS does).

The most basic controller is a Control Unit:
Than you have the Mobile Station:
And the most expensive one is the Central Station (just scroll down in the page above).
Now we also have the Central Station 2 as well:
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