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After several years away from model railroading, I've finally decided to set up a small 1 Gauge layout. Having wanted a Märklin 1 Gauge layout since back when I got my first HO starter set and drooled over the 1 Gauge photos in the Märklin catalog, it's exciting to be looking at rolling stock again.

I just bought a used Märklin 1 Gauge P8 loco 5598 in what appears to be really good condition but unfortunately it came without the instructions booklet and I'm not familiar with direct current layouts, so any advice you could give on how to get it rolling would be much appreciated.

Can I use my old 30 VA blue Märklin transformer with the red knob? I'm still buying tracks for the layout, but hope to have a room-sized oval together soon. Also, it has a built in smoke generator and sound, but I have no idea how these work.

Thanks in advance for any responses!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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