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Hello to all,
My name is Jeff, I'm 56 and I built my first model railway more than 40 years ago.
I returned to the hobby 12 months or so ago after an enforced absence of about 14 years (apart from building a layout for my nephew about 7 years ago)
My interests are mainly 00 gauge and GWR, although I have been involved with P4 and 0 gauge at club level and have been part of our club exhibiting team at exhibitions.
What a change in 14 years! Every manufacturer seems to have vastly improved their products, apart from Peco Streamline track, which was pretty good anyway!
Now "retired" with a 10ft x 10ft bedroom available exclusively (apart from 2 wardrobes of my wife's clothes), I have started building an L shaped portable layout which will be 10ft x 8ft + detachable fiddle yard. I intend to eventually complete this to exhibition standard, although there are no current plans to exhibit it and it will probably only ever get moved, if we ever move house.
Enough for now, look forward to chatting on line to you all, enjoy your modelling,
Gwent rail
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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