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Greetings to all :)

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im FlyingScotsman4472, my real name is Daniel.

i have been collecting Hornby Railways since i was a young nipper, started my collection with a Flying Scotsman trainset, and from their on over the years built up a collection of BR/LNER and GWR locomotives, my faves being the BR/LNER.

Currently also collect the Thomas and Friends range for days when my younger cousin comes around to watch them go around which always brings joy to his young heart.

but i am glad to be part of this forum and look forwad to being with you for many years to come.
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Hi there Daniel, a very warm welcome and a Happy New Year to you and yours. That must be quite a collection you have there. Are you currently modelling a railway or do you just have a test track for displaying your models?
Thank you for the kind heart warming welcome CeeDeeI

and happy new year to you too

i have a layout in my bedroom in the loft, it's a fictional railway with mostly BR/LNER and GWR locos with some visiting from the LMS.

im still deciding on what name to call it, my parents suggested Donford which i kinda like, but still deciding on.
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I'm new to the forum too Daniel also happy new year to you and your family.

What size is your layout,i have mine in our loft but to cold at the moment to go up there and mines called North Hammington which took along time to come up with.I like the name Donford sounds really good for a layout.

Greetings to you Dynamite26

Happy new year to you too

my layout is 8ft X 4ft.

It's in the corner of the room with hills at either end, a station in the background up against the backwall with Metcalf houses, with a goods yard and engine yard at the front with Hornby buildings and accessories.

currently, im looking to getting a Hornby M7 and some new tank engine for my shunting yards, but it's a fair size and hours of fun
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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