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Hello all,

I'm Kev, and I've been dabbling in model railways on and off since I was a nipper. Started in '00' and then moved to 'N gauge'.

Having had a break of about 5 years, I've mainly been tempted back into the fold by tha amazing amount of new rtr stuff now available.

So, my last layout was a rather ambitious 'N gauge' affair, based on the Cornish mainline, modern image. A large terminus - Penzance - and a large through junction station, with a preserved branch line, all fed from an 8 trach reversing loop. All track was laid, and wired but scenecally it was a logistic nightmare! Changes in circumstances led to its demolition - that was 5 years ago.

I'm now reinstating the Bodmin General section, which was all I was able to retain, though I've yet to build the scenic approach or fiddle yard. The intention is to be able to either run it as GWR, late BR just prior to closure, or as a preserved line, so that I have oportunity to run the wide range of locos and stock that interest me.

Other interests that keep me busy are motorbikes (I'm an active member of the local Triumph Owners Club) and wargaming, and the infernal internet!

Hope to get to know you all.
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A very warm welcome Kev, not N gauge myself but I did own a Triumph Speed Twin many, many years ago. Longed for a new Bonneville at the time. Ah well, I suppose my Ford Fiesta is better than nothing.
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