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Hello all,

My name's Tom and I'm just getting back into the hobby after a break of some ten years -- and wow haven't the manufacturers picked up their game? I have a rather rambling collection of R-T-R from all sorts of periods and areas, basically 'stuff that I like'. I'm now 'disciplining' that into either a pre WW1 LBSC/Underground layout, or a slightly more achievable LMS steam shed!



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Hi Tom,

Welcome to MRF.

Glad to hear you have a rambling collection - I think you'll find a lot of us are the same.


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Hi Tom. A Happy New Year to you and welcome to the MRF.

It's amazing just how many Forum members (including me) are, like yourself, returning to the hobby after a period in the wilderness. It can only be good for the hobby. The manufactureres have, as you say, upped their game over the last 15 years or so. I model in N Gauge and the level of detail, even in such small models, is incredible compared to what manufatureres were chucking out in 00 only 10 years ago. Add to that the wonders od DCC and it's suddenly a whole new ball game.

Look forward to seeing your progress and if you need any help or advice this is, most definitely, the place to come. Cheers for now.
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