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Hello folks - please forgive me if this is the wrong forum for the question, but I wish to build a HUSH HUSH and am keen to hear from people who have done this project successfully, or otherwise - I am keen to know what things to be mindful of and what level of skill is required.


long time maker and fixer of things - mad keen model railway person from the age of five. Have built and scratch-built models and have a knack for impatience at times, which can cost dearly.

At 49 I feel ready to tackle this project and wish to make it as true to prototype as possible, but would like to know more about them before deciding what colours to paint etc.

many thanks

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Is it the original Yarrow water tube boiler version you are planning, or the later rebuild?

I will assume it's the first since that's the 'hush-hush'. Get yourself drawing 408 from John Edgson (if you have not done so already) and as many photos as you can lay hands on. Are you a do it from scratch man, or prepared to use what is available to ease the job? For myself in OO, I would buy a corridor tender A3 pacific as the basis, (probably the one in the Railroad range if suitable) since that offers a suitable running chassis once modified at the rear end, and a complete tender. The body can be sold, or stored for the P1 which you might want to build.

Forming the body shape will not be easy. Shape thin sheet metal over a carefully profiled hardwood former perhaps? As for the paint finish 'dark battleship grey' is what the references say. Since any potential reliable witness who saw this beast is going to be over eighty years old, I think you have all the licence required to decide what the colour description means, paint it to please yourself, and double dare anyone to prove you wrong!
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Hi Seriph,
there was a post on hush hush a long time ago:

Not sure if this is what you are looking for but I hope it of some help.

The feedback from forum members (helpful as ever) was that a kit was available from southeast finecast:


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Thanks very much for the replies .... actually after seeing the loco in both guises in BRM's - GRESLEY BEAT article, I would love to build them both! I was thinking of the SE FINECAST model Hush Hush but am uncertain what it comes with and what else I will have to supply .... being 'downunder' I would like to find out and buy it all from the UK at one time so I am not going back and forth.

Thanks for the links - I will definitely have a good look through those.

Great forum folks!

Over and above the kit, you'll need wheels, motor, flywheel if you want to fit one, paint and transfers. After that you should have everything you need although it's then up to you whether you use what's supplied or make/buy replacement parts. Sprung buffers instead of cast, for example.

This isn't a kit I've built so I'm not familiar with it, but I expect Dave Ellis at SEF can let you know exactly what you need and where it can be sourced - he may even stock it himself.

There's a build of a rebuilt W1 here: RMWeb LNER Mick's Workbench I'm sure Mick can help with advice if needed and I believe SEF supplied some spares to him.
Thanks for responding - checking out that thread now .... I spoke to SEF two years ago and I think the cost was around 85 GBP for the bits, but am uncertain how extensive that was. I am a kitbasher from way back and would enjoy using a RTR gizzards and tender as suggested .... gets me to my result faster, theoretically. In this case, it may not be the way to go, but I will think on it further - I am also going to try and locate the owners of the locos pictured in the "Gresley Beat" article... those locos look incredible.

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