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I recently completed my guagemaster oo model of the 'Fordhamptom' goods shed. I choose this goods shed model because it was fairly good looking, economic and functional. Also the packaging made it look suitable for a Southern Railway/BR Southern Region layout. However, I've since found out that Fordhampton is a fictitious location and that the goods shed seems to be based on a Great Western Railway design, possible one from Teignmouth.
Could my goods shed still work in a Southern Railway setting or am I better off repainting it in GWR/BR Western Region colours?
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A lot of the Fordhamton models were previously sold by Hornby Railways, and Heljan, amongst others.

The signal box, footbridge, and station building were originally Hornby Railways models, made by Pola. They are a of GWR prototype buildings.

I haven't seen this goods shed before, but it does have some GWR features, such as the timberwork ends.

Teignmouth was the Heljan station building, and signal box kits, so it is likely that your goods shed was also a Heljan kit.

As to what to paint it, that's really up to you, as it's your railway. 🙂

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