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Guess what I found at a car boot sale!

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Last night my girlfriend arrived shortly after dinner and informed me I was gonig to take her to a car boot sale. I protested, explaining that I had far too much work to be getting on with but the look on her face told me that no matter what I said, I was going to the sale. (We all know THAT look.....)

Once there, I was bored within about 12.7 seconds as basically there was tat as far as the eye could see. Then out of the blue I noticed the blue ESU logo on a box buried on a table covered in general electrical tat. I picked it up and noticed it was a mobile control 51100. The traded then proceeded to tell me that it was a special German telephone that works on a new system called DCC!!! I asked him to elaborate, and he confessed to having googled it and didn't understand what he had found!!! So I asked how much for the phone and he replied £50. I must have looked shocked as he instantly changed his mind and said £40. I thought I'd chance my arm and offer £30 and guess what, look what I own now

Possibly the best bargain I've ever come across. I'm going to enjoy "talking" to my trains with it!!!

Now to get it working....

I wish to connect it to my ECoS. From reading the web it seems I remove the top board as shown below and insert it into my ECoS after using my lokprogrammer to change the software.

Is this my only option or can it be connected straight to the sniffer port?

I have noticed a lot of chat around which is better, the new or the old software but can't find too much info in English about the differences.

Also, when I power it on all I get is "netzsuche" which I gather means searching for network or something similar. I guess I have to connect it up before I can go any further.


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I'm sure the Ecos is a great piece of kit. However when ever I look for information on their sites I find there is a lack of information - in English. This has been constant for the last 8 years or so. ESU simply don't translate every document, or only partly publish documentation in English. A simple look though the documentation for loksound decoders will confirm this. Great kit rubbish documentation, and in my view poor support. I find this surprising when their largest export market is the USA.
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