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QUOTE (80class @ 17 Apr 2008, 10:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Fair enough, It's not something I was ever going to try, just a concept that seemed quite interesting if it was possible.

Are you sure it cannot be reversed? I read on another forum that due to the lag experienced during function operation ESU released a firmware update to backdate the mobile control so if you had turned a 51100 into a 50111 it could be converted back.

Also, why would I need to connect the mobile control to a dcc system to update the software? In the manual it makes distinct mention to isolating the receiver when updating the software using the lokprogrammer?



There is firmware to reverse 50100 back to 51100. I have not done it but am led to believe it does work.

As Richard,DCCconcepts, said, I have done a number of MC conversions from V51100 to V50100 so Mobile Control will work with Ecos.
First the appropriate firmware is downloaded from ESU forum. The base station must then be connected to Lenz expressnet ( original MC was produced to operate with expressnet or similar system) and also Lokprogramer .
The Lenz is turned on, update firmware is then activated via Lokprogramer. The radio board is then removed from MC base station and inserted in back of ECOS. Be very careful with this as it can be a bit fiddly. Have a look at Neil S Wood's posts on this.
To update the Mobile Control firmware in hand held control, batteries are inserted ,hand held is then connected to Lokprogramer and turned on.
Once hand held is powered up the update firmware can be downloaded.
Now I know there is going to be those that can not understand why MC have to be connected to Lenz expressnet, or similar, system and the system turned on to update firmware so MC will operate with ECOS.
I don't know, all I know is, it does and it works.

As Richard said, MC can not be connected to sniffer port on ECOS. MC is either connected to Lenz or similar which in turn is connected to ECOS via sniffer( I operated successfully like that for 18 mnths) or the MC firmware is updated and opperated directly thru ECOS.
I have three MC hand controls operating directly thru ECOS and apart from 1 sec function lag ( you soon become accustomed to that) and the time it takes for the MC's to receive info from ECOS it all works very well.
Happy DCCing
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