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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 17 Apr 2008, 07:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Have fun Rob, it makes a big difference being able o walk around your layout with radio control.

Fitting the plastic compartment cover back after installing the circuit board is an issue. So be warned you may have to trim it up a bit to get it to go back in place. The Mobile Control for ECoS gives you a spare but it still needs trimmed up a bit too. This may not apply to all circuit boards though it could have been just mine but it seems to me that they must be giving you a spare cover for a reason.

Hi Rob

No, No, NO - do not try to connect more than one control system to the sniffer port.
There is NO circumstance where multiple DCC systems can be connected together at the outputs. When two DCC systems are connected at the output the one guarantee is that one of them will die. The added possibility is that your ECOS may also be harmed.

Re Mobile Control: A little knowledge is dangerous....

The English manual is available on the website. If U cannot find it I have it here.

(1) The mobile control can NOT be connected directly to the sniffer port. It must be connected to a lenz or similar base station which is in turn connected to the sniffer port.

(2) The mobile control you have must first have its software changed to be able to talk directly to the ECOS. To do this it has to be live and that means connecting to a sutiable base station to power it up.

Once the software change is done it can be plugged into the ECOS. Be aware that the upgrade is one way - once changed, it can't be connected via the sniffer ports.

Hopefully Ian will log on ad see this thread - he has done this conversion and fiddled about far more than I with the mobile control change from Lenz+ sniffer port to direct ECOS interface

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