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Stuck with two builds that had stalled, awaiting parts that had been on order for ages, I yearned for a quick, simple build that I could construct from nothing other than spares and scrap.

I opted for a Broad Gauge survivor, a Dia U20 6-wheel Composite / Passenger Luggage coach. This was relatively easily knocked up from an old Triang Clerestory [a mint early edition in fact] and a couple of scrap Ratio GWR 4-wheelers, together with scrap wire and white-metal and brass fittings. The glazing is by Finescale. I buy both of the donor models whenever I see them as they are ideal for conversions.

Compromise abounds here and the windows, in particular, are too large. But it's still a pretty coach and unusual enough to be interesting. The centre axle floats in a cradle which allows for side-play and radial movement. Consequently, tight radii are not a problem. The wheels are Hornby coach disks with laser cut Mansell inserts glued in.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts