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Gyaah - bloody ballasting

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Before I started to scene the main layout, i decided to do a mock section of track. Its a bit of MDF with a straight bit and a curve of track, and a hill side. I mounted the track down on 1/8th cork and pinned it down. I managed to get the middle of the track looking brilliant, but then I did one of the sides and the excess ballast flowed over the top of the rail and screwed up the middle! Very annoying.

After about an hour I managed to get it all looking pretty good, but when i sprayed it with the water, then water and glue the spray blew some of the balast away and ruined it!

Any tips for me? Any instructional videos I could watch?

Thanks very much,

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I wish I had found this before I attempted it.

I propose a ballasting party, My house - bring a brush.


Its not the setting the ballast that I find hard, its arranging it all to look nice and neat. I know in reality its not perfect, but it just looks odd unless its really straight.

Although i have found a way of making this abit easier... I went to B and Q and bought a .7m long brushed draught exclduer. Im sure you know the type, its just a long continuous brush. I used this to sweep a line of ballast up to the track and get a nice straight edge. After that I used a little brush to get it in between the sleeprs etc. I have a 6 inch bit setting now so hoepfuly it will look ok..


After reading some of your responses, I went to the chemist and got two eye dropper pipette things and my ballasting has improed a lot.

I did a little bit of trak properly, I aibrushed it brown, mounted it down ballasted it and grassed it on either side. Im goign to get some black paint for the airbrush to do the grease down the middle and some more weathering etc. The grass is also pretty bright at the moment, but then its the middle of summer at this 6 inch bit of track.

Let me know what you think.
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Hi, I have taken some better pics

I have also airbrushed some oil onto the sleepers which I think looks particularly good. took me three hours to get all the gloss out of the airbrush though


Let me know what you think,

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Thanks for the input Graham,

I will bear this in mind when I do the rest of it.

Did you see the other picture?
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