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I do it the lazy way:

1. Lay track loosely on baseboard.
2. half open all points and insert tissue/kitchen paper in the gaps.
3. Spray track with track colour or sleeper grime aerosol.
4. Wait about an hour (eat or drink something, watch TV, go on PC, or take dog out)
5. Lift track a section at a time and roll out Gaugemaster foam underlay.
6. Put track on top of underlay.
7. Repeat until all plain line track is complete.
8. Trim same underlay for points (it can be difficult and may even stretch your vocabulary). Or, use Peco point underlays.
9. Remove paper inserts between point blade and close up points.
10. Pin the lot down.

Not 110% accurate, but don't look too bad:

Alternatively, if you hate ballasting as much as I do, why not model a pier tramway!!!!

Now I await the shouting down!!!!!!


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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